Back in the States and ready to play!

I landed in the states August 30th totally dizzy and about to pass out, with a sprained finger and a broken heart. During my three week thing in Europe, Carolin Pook and I played three great shows in Germany. Here we are in a church with 6 second delay! hanging with Jesus. I think our favorite show was at Ort in Wuppertal, where we played to a standing ovation and came back to bow three times. In addition to playing music, I toured the town and birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen in Odense, Denmark. It was everything I had hoped it would be when I dreamt of going as a young girl. I also hung out in Dublin and got a feel for the old country. Sadly, no harp music was to be purchased or heard by these ears in Ireland. Now, it's back to work on the album!

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