October 22nd--Playing with Pookestra at the Park Church Co-op!

Hi there!! I am so excited about the next show I will be playing. Bala Skandan, an exceptionally talented and renowned NYC-based mridangam player, will be joining our all female chamber orchestra as guest artist. Mirdangam is a double headed drum played in Carnatic (Karnatak, or South Indian Classical) music. I used to sing in this genre and I LOVE this instrument. When played well, it is quite stimulating and awe inspiring. Carolin Pook will be conducting her own arrangements of my songs in the vein of her Pookestra work, which includes whole-ensemble improvisation. My dear friend Niabi is opening up for us with her solo electronic project Searmanas--a hypnotic and canonistic ritual that is not to be missed. Jesse Gelaznik shares the orchestra with me this evening, adding a few more members as well, to debut yet another freshly written classical piece for us. I am very excited about this show, and I hope you are too! xo

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