Hello Fellow Travelers

 My name is Thistle. I have been called to sing and play harp, for you.

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Martha's Vineyard concerts were so fun! 

I brought percussionist Al Cerulo and cellist Aliya Ultan to the Vineyard for a couple of concerts in July of 2020 and we had a lovely time. Al premiers works internationally by modern classical composers such as Jude Traxler, Paula Matthusen, and Randy Gibson, while Aliya Ultan is an up and coming avant guard performer and composer in NYC. We got to play acoustically at the Chappaquiddick Community Center and were absolutely delighted with the sound. Thanks to all who came, it was magical. I have been visiting Chappaquiddick Island since 1987, and my brother is buried in the New Chappaquiddick Cemetery. Here's us in my backyard!

What a long, arduous journey! 

Hi all, it's been a long period of silence and inactivity on my end. When the pandemic struck the US, I was working on recording my Edgar Allan Poe inspired album "Mysterious Star." I had slipped two discs in my neck a few weeks prior to the lockdowns, and I would be unable to play harp for the next nine months. All my hard-earned, exciting gigs for 2020 would be cancelled. My main livelihood was also threatened. My recording studio would be closed for nine months. I, like many others, fell into a depression. But I'm pleased to finally be booking some outdoor shows for summer 2021. And I am now almost finished recording the album I have been working so hard to arrange for orchestral instruments such as cello, flute, trumpet, horn, glockenspiel, vibes, and hand percussion. There's even a crystal singing bowl on The Raven, and I can't wait for you to hear it!


Hi! Renowned cello folk/rock band Rasputina has asked me to join as back up vocalist and harpist. 

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm playing on their North Eastern tour this summer. 

Check out this link for dates xo

New Album to be Released June 11th 

Hi All, It's been a long time coming. I got really sick in 2018, but managed to record an album of 11 songs, each inspired by a Hans Christian Andersen story.

The cover has been shot, and the music has been mastered. Now I just need to have them pressed! Very excited to present this to you.

Nice time playing Greenwood Cemetery for Rooftop Films 

Last night I played for audience members in Greenwood Cemetery before we watched a brilliant biopic comedy about Emily Dickinson. "Wild Nights with Emily" was written and directed by Madeleine Olnek, and stars Molly Shannon. I've been wanting to play in Greenwood for a while now, and am so thrilled that I got this opportunity. It was a great night!

Finally, recording this Hans Christian Andersen album!! 

Wow! So much has happened since my last post. Among those things was some extended European travel, wherein I got seriously sick from some Transylvanian vibes. Love you, Romania, but omg, I almost died this winter.  

I am happy to say I've been in the studio since January, recording this album of 11 tunes based on Hans Christian Andersen stories, and it is sounding good. Here is a pic of me and percussionist Rich Stein taking a selfie break during one of our rehearsals. 

Stay tuned for more deets on the album.


Germany tour with Pook was a blast! 

I returned last week from a 6 date tour in Germany with violinist Carolin Pook. We played Wuppertal, Cologne, Moers, Hannover, Berlin and Haverland. I rented a car and a harp that both turned out to be brand new. Here's a pic of me playing in a DIY shopping cart throne at Platz Project, the super progressive co-working shipping container community in Hannover. Half way during the show I looked up and there were so many people gathered! I have to say that was my favorite show. Another great moment was when an elderly gentleman at the Berlin concert told me I was strange, but that the world needs strangeness, and that my music touched everyone's hearts. 

Update! 2/10/17 concert has been moved to San Damiano Mission 

Hello! Our booking was not honored at the Park Church Coop. Unfortunately due to the last minute cancellation, in the face of the unlikelihood of finding a new venue in 12 hours, the Nouveau Classical Project let their musicians have the night off.
We have moved to San Damiano Mission, 85 N. 15th St., Brooklyn NY
And we are playing with Kelly///Moran! Starts at 8 xoxo