New Album: "The Ice Maiden Comes"

Songs inspired by the stories of Hans Christian Andersen. Coming June 10th to Spotify and for purchase via digital download and CD on this site.

Harpist and vocalist Thistle Jemison has successfully blended her formal education in South Indian, Western classical and Jazz musics with her love of the archetypal in literature to create her gorgeous compositions. Her self titled NYC based project THISTLE usually involves strings and percussion, but can be played solo. The sound of THISTLE has been described as mystical and angelic; audience members have found themselves entranced, enchanted, and even elated. THISTLE has toured twice as a duo in Germany and has performed many solo, duo, and orchestral concerts in New York City and surrounding areas. Because of the bewitching qualities of the performance, THISTLE is meant to be experienced in old churches, graveyards, groves of trees, dark velvety clubs, castles, and anywhere there is natural or man-made beauty.

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