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My name is Thistle. I have been called to sing and play harp, for you.

Germany tour with Pook was a blast! 

I returned last week from a 6 date tour in Germany with violinist Carolin Pook. We played Wuppertal, Cologne, Moers, Hannover, Berlin and Haverland. I rented a car and a harp that both turned out to be brand new. Here's a pic of me playing in a DIY shopping cart throne at Platz Project, the super progressive co-working shipping container community in Hannover. Half way during the show I looked up and there were so many people gathered! I have to say that was my favorite show. Another great moment was when an elderly gentleman at the Berlin concert told me I was strange, but that the world needs strangeness, and that my music touched everyone's hearts. 

Update! 2/10/17 concert has been moved to San Damiano Mission 

Hello! Our booking was not honored at the Park Church Coop. Unfortunately due to the last minute cancellation, in the face of the unlikelihood of finding a new venue in 12 hours, the Nouveau Classical Project let their musicians have the night off.
We have moved to San Damiano Mission, 85 N. 15th St., Brooklyn NY
And we are playing with Kelly///Moran! Starts at 8 xoxo

Nouveau Classical Project to play with THISTLE 2/10/17 

I am so pleased to announce that THISTLE and the Pookestra will be sharing a bill with Nouveau Classical Project on February 10th at the Park Church Coop.

"...bringing a refreshing edge to the widely conservative genre...NCP's work makes a stage for finding nuance in rigid categories." - VICE

"Classical music’s got an edge these days, and we have the Nouveau Classical Project to thank for that." - MILK MADE




New Salvi Harp Ordered! 

I made it to the Salvi showroom in Los Angeles over Thanksgiving, and I chose this Salvi Ana model as my new harp! (This pic features some other lovely harpist's harp, thanks internet!). These are made to order, so it will be 3-4 months before this bad boy comes over from Italy to be mine. Meanwhile, I'll be tuning and retuning and tuning my Merlin R Harp and playing for you at a few shows in NYC--January 6th with Carolin Pook on violin at the Park Church Coop, January 7th solo at Pete's Candy Store (4pm) and February 10th at the Park Church Coop with the six piece chamber orchestra conducted by Pook! yay!


Here I am playing for the second time with the chamber orchestra at October 22nd, 2016 at the Park Church Co-op.  Bala Skandan joined us for a couple of songs on mridangam. And we tried out Carolin Pook's new arrangement of The Nightingale--see the vid below!
I'm booking shows and I have a few lined up for winter time. Some of them will be solo or duo, all in NYC for now.
I will begin applying for grants for the chamber orchestra in December, as well as booking another solo/duo European tour for next spring. 
I can't wait to play my harp all day inside with the shades drawn this winter...oh wait, I do that anyway!
Currently working on writing The Wild Swans.
Looking forward to seeing you soon.

October 22nd--Playing with Pookestra at the Park Church Co-op! 

Hi there!! I am so excited about the next show I will be playing. Bala Skandan, an exceptionally talented and renowned NYC-based mridangam player, will be joining our all female chamber orchestra as guest artist. Mirdangam is a double headed drum played in Carnatic (Karnatak, or South Indian Classical) music. I used to sing in this genre and I LOVE this instrument. When played well, it is quite stimulating and awe inspiring. Carolin Pook will be conducting her own arrangements of my songs in the vein of her Pookestra work, which includes whole-ensemble improvisation. My dear friend Niabi is opening up for us with her solo electronic project Searmanas--a hypnotic and canonistic ritual that is not to be missed. Jesse Gelaznik shares the orchestra with me this evening, adding a few more members as well, to debut yet another freshly written classical piece for us. I am very excited about this show, and I hope you are too! xo

Back in the States and ready to play! 

I landed in the states August 30th totally dizzy and about to pass out, with a sprained finger and a broken heart. During my three week thing in Europe, Carolin Pook and I played three great shows in Germany. Here we are in a church with 6 second delay! hanging with Jesus. I think our favorite show was at Ort in Wuppertal, where we played to a standing ovation and came back to bow three times. In addition to playing music, I toured the town and birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen in Odense, Denmark. It was everything I had hoped it would be when I dreamt of going as a young girl. I also hung out in Dublin and got a feel for the old country. Sadly, no harp music was to be purchased or heard by these ears in Ireland. Now, it's back to work on the album!

Headed to Europe! 

I'm going to Europe in four days! First stop is Dublin, where I will hear some Celtic harp music live and check out a local music store...see if I can't get my hands on some relevant sheet music. Then I go to Copenhagen and on to Odense, the birth place of Hans Christian Andersen, my hero, and the star of my show. After a quick stop in Belgium to see a friend, I will be playing music in Germany with my dear friend and arranger, Carolin Pook. Yay!

Previous events


Dirty Churches // THISTLE // Feral Children

Main Drag Music, 330 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn NY

Main Drag Music has been around since 2002, selling gear to musicians in Williamsburg before Kent Ave was a one way street. I'll be playing my songs with a percussionist and Dirty Churches will be performing their ultra creepy Silver Suite ballet. Feral Children improvising some thick tones on upright bass and bass clarinet. Very excited for this one.


THISTLE & Pook // Alastair Ottesen // Mitch Van Deusen

St. Gregory's, 2578 Route 212, Woodstock NY

St. Gregory's a/k/a the "A Frame" is a sweet little spot to hear music when they host concerts. Joined by the talented Brooklyn based singer song writer Alastair Ottesen and harpist and recent Woodstock transplant Mitch Van deusen. Should be a lovely afternoon show.


playing as guest of Sapropelic Pycnic

Issue Project Room, 22 Boerum Place, Brooklyn NY

Ka Baird has created a special evening of 3 musical movements for Issue Project Room with solo project Sapropelic Pycnic. THISTLE is honored to be included as harpist in the 3rd movement called "Transfiguration." The piece will involve dance/movement by Muyassur Kurdi.


THISTLE with Pook

Pineapple Reality, 2 West St., Brooklyn NY

a loft concert with Pook on violin. amazing people, most likely food, and good vibes all around, compliments of Ka and Camilla who have salons/house shows at Pineapple Reality about once a month. By donation.


THISTLE with Pookestra

San Damiano Mission, 85 N. 15th St., Brooklyn NY

For the 3rd time, Thistle returns to the stage with Pookestra, to debut more songs arranged by Carolin Pook for chamber orchestra. Pook will play violin while leading the chamber orchestra through both improvisations and scored music. Tickets at the door.


THISTLE & Pook// Guiding Light// Völuspà

Park Church Coop, 129 Russell St, Brooklyn NY

duo version of Thistle (with violinist Carolin Pook) joins friends Guiding Light and Völuspà for a special evening of lyrically oriented songstress tunes (sorry Jason of Guiding Light, this is my spin for now). Don't miss these talented humans as they emanate sonic bliss. tix at the door.


THISTLE with Pookestra (chamber orchestra!)

Park Church Co-op, 129 Russell St., Brooklyn NY

This is a very exciting and rare concert! Thistle will perform her songs inspired by Hans Christian Andersen on harp and voice. She will be accompanied by a seven woman chamber orchestra. The music is arranged and conducted by Carolin Pook, who will also be playing violin. Guest artist Bala Skandan joins us this evening. This orchestral concert only happens twice a year, hopefully more! Jesse Gelaznika and Sermanas open the show with classical chamber music and solo electronic music respectively. Wow!


THISTLE for GambaZine

Hell Phone, 247 Varet St., Brooklyn NY

I just hopped onto this bill with some very talented poets (one of whom is a special friend who moved to Paris this past spring). It's going to be a fun night of artistry.


GAMBA Z's Artist Salon

Lucky Luna's, 167 Nassau Ave., Brooklyn NY

GAMBAzine is a magazine dedicated to literary and visual art. They host salons of thought provoking performances. "GAMBA Z's Artist Salon is supportive, familial and craves your independence, freedom and ultimately the nudity of your inner pursuits." Watch out! Intellectual nudity!! I will be playing solo harp and vox for this one.